Expanding your wireless world

Novation Group Consulting (NGC) is a Chicago-based wireless site development company with a decade-long track record of delivering high-quality customer service to a wide variety of clients. NGC is uniquely qualified to assist its clients with development of their wireless communications networks in the continental United States. NGC provides the structure for each project to ensure its timely completion.

Through our high level of service and top-quality product, NGC has developed long-term relationships with several clients in multiple markets across the country. NGC has provided site acquisition services on hundreds of wireless sites, tailoring its services to meet each client’s specific needs. As a small wireless service provider, NGC offers specific support services to clients who desire to maintain control of the site development process within their own companies but require assistance with collocation negotiations and guidance on the best methods of site selection.

NGC has the ability to manage projects that range from single sites to complete wireless networks. Our existing industry relationships and contacts give us the ability to provide services at any level, including turn-key services from site acquisition to project management and construction management. By partnering with top-quality architectural and environmental firms, NGC has the ability to offer those services.

Novation Group Consulting’s mission is to exceed each client’s expectations through a strategy of communication, follow-through and attention to detail; building a unique partnership with the client to achieve its objective.

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